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03-20-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
I was thinking maybe Sakic is the wrong guy for being an adviser for the Avs and here is why.....

Joe is one of the greatest players of all time yes. He is probably one of if not the nicest guy the NHL has ever had, and i'm sure he has a great eye for talent and all.

But the problem with Sakic and his position with the organization is that he is too nice of a guy, too humble and i don't see Joe being a strict and a type of a guy that puts his foot down.

Joe being the humble and the nice guy that he is, i see something like this....

Sherman asks Joe if he thinks they should sign Zanon, and Joe being such a nice guy says, yes sure, Zanon is a good player and will be a good guy in the locker room.

I just don't see Sakic being mean and speaking his mind like saying, hell no, this team doesn't need Zanon, we need better d-men or something along those lines.

This organization needs some strict, straight forward type, and yes, little bit mean personnel to run things so they can turn things around.

Anyone agrees on this?
No, no, a thousand times, no.

We already have a strict, straightforward guy who can be more than a little mean when he has to be as team president, and it has led to a stale culture where everyone toes the company line and no new people or ideas are ever introduced or taken seriously.

A guy on Twitter compared Lacroix to Craig Patrick in his final days in Pittsburgh. That's an alarming, but accurate comparison. Patrick got so paranoid near the end there he reduced his staff (partially because of budgetary concerns) to numbers that rivaled that of AHL teams, and those were hand-picked yes-men he surrounded himself with. I don't think Pierre has let things get THAT bad, but I do think he has failed to relinquish power and as such this organization is slow to react.

If Joe is ready, being a team president would be incredibly easy, relatively speaking. Change policies, seek people from outside the organization. Make connections elsewhere in the league so that you can make good hires. One of the sad things I read about the Rockies is that they won't fire O'Dowd because they don't know enough people in MLB to do a proper search for a new GM. Sakic could easily make those inroads in the NHL. He also needs to create a culture and atmosphere where people aren't afraid to speak up, and he needs to get a GM in there who will allow for that, but also be The Man when the time calls for it. He also needs to be the public face of the franchise, which Lacroix is unwilling and unable to do.

John Davidson took over the Blues, but he didn't become some micromanaging control freak. On the contrary--he let Larry Pleau continue to do his job, and made sure everyone worked together. His only instruction to Jarmo Kekalainen after he hired the guy in Columbus was to take his time, assess the organization from top to bottom, and make decisions only after that.

Joe Sakic is an easygoing, affable guy who has roots in this community and is respected in all hockey circles. To say that personality works against him is something I completely disagree with. We don't need some powermongering dictator running things, we need a guy to rebuild the culture. Sakic IMO is that guy.

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