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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Randy Johnson's pitching speed comes, largely, from his size (6'10", 225). Same with Justin Verlander (6'5", 225).

It's the Eric Lindros situation. Johnson and Verlander both have/had a high level of skill when compared to other major league pitchers. But their size is what gave them the ability to dominate. At the same time, that they were able to finesse their hulking frames into a 100+mph fastball is a clear example of why it's a skill.

No. Maybe it's not a skill level everyone can achieve. But it's not achievable without skillfully using what is given to you.

Fedorov had a 100+mph shot. Gretzky never came close to that. Despite being slightly bigger, Gretzky's shot wasn't even as hard as Yzerman's. Modano was about the same size as Gretzky and had a shot not far off Fedorov's level (clocked in the high 90s).
Someone please explain physiology this man ^^^^^

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