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03-20-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
I'm not picking on you here specifically, but I just had to comment on the last sentence in your quote- "all I know is I'm tired of sucking".

Listen, this season has been miserable- no doubt about it- and it is hard to find a reason right now for optimism.

But I will once again state that there are alot of hard to please fans on here. Saying that "I am tired of sucking" would be appropriate if you were a fan of many teams, such as the Jackets, Oilers, Islanders, Maple Leaf, or even the now long gone Thrashers. I lived through over a DECADE of sucking as a Thrashers fan-now that is misery.

Things look bleak right now for the Predators, I am not debating that for one second. But since the 04 lockout, the Predators have been one of the best teams in the entire league, several seasons of 40+ wins, 100 point seasons, etc, and are coming off one of the best years in franchise history. This season is only 2 months old, and for the first month we were in the top 4 in the Conference- So in reality, the Predators have "sucked" for a little over a month. And we are still in the playoff hunt, which is almost hard to comprehend.

I know in today's society, its instant gratification or nothing, but I still say there are alot of spoiled fans on this board. 8 years of mostly great hockey, 1 month of sucking, and everyone is jumping off buildings and ready to blow everything up. A little perspective is in order here, in my humble opinion. We are not going to win 40 games and get 100 points every year- every franchise has a down cycle and down years- maybe its time for ours, maybe its not, but its only been 2 months- only time will tell........

I know I will get absolutely flamed to death for this post, so I will just sit back now and take my lumps........
Well said. I also respect that Preds fans hate to watch the team lose and actually care. It's nice to see. A lot of it is just venting. Sometimes watching a Trotz team is like beating your head up against a cement
wall especially if the system is not working. Also with the rising success of the Preds it's time for them to learn when to let players go to continue to move forward instead of backwards.

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