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Originally Posted by OrrNumber4 View Post
Like I said, this would make sense if he was putting up these kinds of stats after 1-3 years in the NHL. Then, I could say he "developed" into it.
that's not how it works. He's a UFA, he's going to get a contract based upon his production this year, not next year. You either want him to walk, or you pay him based on the information you have. The information we have right now is he is producing very well, against tough competition, and the underlying stats say he should be able to maintain it or improve.

That's all there is to it. If Doug Wilson goes to him and says "I want you to prove you can reproduce it next year" all he has to say is "cya later" because he at this point owes nothing to the Sharks. He can sign whatever contract he wants with whoever he wants, and they are going to pay him based on advanced stats.

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