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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
I'm sure Glendale would be more than pleased to have the Yotes with no egg management fee. Even on a year to year lease. 25 million a year savings much better than the last city council.
Ya absolutely, though reasonably, offer the NHL 5 or 6M a year. We were discussing this ages ago, but really, I have no problem with the league owning this franchise into perpetuity. Could care less quite frankly. Just hire the right people to run it, as they have with Maloney, sub-out the concert & event bookings to people who know what their doing & are aggressive about it. League believes in the market? Fine. Put your money where your mouths at, or is talk just cheap?

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I think that's a pretty good guess. The NHL is committed to keeping the team in Glendale as long as Glendale is committed to keeping the team. If the city chooses to keep subsidizing the team, then the league has no particular reason to undermine its potential expansion revenue by rushing into a relocation.
There ya go, however, its a matter of degree's & costs isnt it? By any measure, the league & all suitors thus far demanding beyond usury fee's for the pleasure of retaining their team. Blackmail, ransom & extortion is not a business model I'd be contemplating unless my name was Lex Luthor.

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