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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Just curious, how many of you guys are willing to toss the body to block a shot, especially on a good chance for the opposition?

I've really started to note the guys on my team who are willing to do it, and they're starting to do it more. I'm trying to determine if this is because they're trying harder to help me out, or if they've gone nuts in regards to playing with me.

I'm mainly curious because i want to know if it's a common thing, or if my guys are becoming more than willing to help me out in net.

For a story, A d man on one of my three teams, while experienced as a winger, started playing D this year. The beginning was a little rough, and even now it's still edge at times. But he has improved quite a bit, doesn't have a quitting attitude and is now ready to dive in front of shots and box guys out a lot bigger than him.

I give this guy a lot of kudos, he makes some great plays and bails me out from time to time, though he still isn't 100% on positioning and duties.
I used to go down and block shots all the time, then this happened two years ago:

We were playing against a team where the majority of the players were Canadian grad students, and I took that one from less than 10 feet away. Was down on the ice for quite a bit, lost my breath for a moment, and could barely skate back to the bench when I got up.

The day after it looked like this:

Ignore the Apple logo near the bottom right of the bruise, haha. It hurt to move for like a month. To this day, I still have two scars from the puck.

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