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Originally Posted by GrafSk8r12 View Post
I used to go down and block shots all the time, then this happened two years ago:

We were playing against a team where the majority of the players were Canadian grad students, and I took that one from less than 10 feet away. Was down on the ice for quite a bit, lost my breath for a moment, and could barely skate back to the bench when I got up.

The day after it looked like this:

Ignore the Apple logo near the bottom right of the bruise, haha. It hurt to move for like a month. To this day, I still have two scars from the puck.

Funny how yours looks like hell and also hurt like it. I usually get horrendous looking bruises that don't hurt too much, or otherwise rather tame bruises and they pain me for a week. Right now I've got a yellow and purple cross-checking mark on my shoulder that's a week old but I only notice it's there pain-wise if I apply pressure to it.

In regards to other lasting injuries, I have a spearing scar under one of my pecs from half a year ago at least that extends about 7". That smarted quite a bit when it happened but didn't hurt much afterward. The initial bleeding barely lasted more than a few minutes as it just broke the skin surface, and for some reason the scar from the scrape remains to this day. It's ridiculous. And in case anyone's wondering, yes I did go right after the guy who did it and slammed him into our goalposts. Got a charging penalty but I'm glad I didn't really attack him.

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