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03-20-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Pravi83Oil View Post
Legit Question. Is there a cheat or glitch or hack or something that makes your stick magnetic to the puck? Because normally I play people they poke it away, but this one guy I play is super serious and mouths off every time he loses like he lost his house or something. When he pokes me it doesnt separate me from the puck, it literally is like he is just scooping the puck to himself, it automatically goes into his possession. He even somehow stripped me of the puck with a player with no stick, didnt even hit me.
It's been called "magnet stick" in the circles I run in. Basically, it's just transferring code meant for the CPU into the user's code.

I've run into it a few times, annoying as all hell and no way to avoid it other than keeping your distance. Which is hard to do when magnet-stickers usually button-mash pokecheck.

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