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03-20-2013, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by keslersgirl View Post
Have you ever been in a mixed martial arts fight man? One fight puts tremendous wear and tear on your body, much less 4 fights in 6 weeks. I don't blame Samman and Bubba at all. If you listen to Chael on the Joe Rogan Experience, you hear his take on it and it's identical. Do you think if, hypothetically, Team Canada had won their Olympic semifinal, and Switzerland was playing the Americans in the other? Do you think they'd be praying the States would win so they could "prove that they're the best"? **** no. They'd be ecstatic if Switzerland won because then they'd be more likely to win. Same principle, only magnified due to injuries.
I could care less. It's a competition. If you think you're the best, prove it.. Plain and simple, don't think I've ever seen an ultimate fighter where the fighters tried to so hard to control their own fights and take the easiest ones. Like I said, for the most part it's only Samman and Bubba trying to do so anyways. Everyone else is content with fighting whoever is put in front of them.

Also it just rubbed me the wrong way how Samman went on about Chael and everyone else trying to avoid bad matchups when that was precisely what he was doing.

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