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12-23-2003, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by King of Calgary
Umm, I stated I didnít know the reason(s) and I agreed with the above posters for the most part. Someone in LA should ask AM and then we would have an answer. However, I was thinking that maybe AM is trying to balance the ice time and try to keep everyone happy and involved. Heís team oriented and I remember Klatt saying in an interview how everyone feels involved, meaning happy with ice time. Still the PP/PK blows and something has to change. There are no guarantees that the PP will improve with Frolov getting more ice time is there? Maybe the system sucks; maybe they arenít getting some bounces. The PP was on a tear earlier in the season wasnít it?

I donít think AM is trying to hold back Frolov, why would he do that? Maybe DT is worried heíll have to pay him more, so he told AM to cut his PP time. Maybe the real idiot is DT.

Maybe I did misunderstand the premise of this thread. Using your logic though, everyone in the world is an idiot. I never met anyone that was good at everything that they do. Have you?

Yes I think that everyone is an idiot at one point in there lives, but that does not make them stupid at everything they do....anyways, this argument has gone off topic so ill just stop there

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