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Originally Posted by Bonzai12 View Post
Call me crazy but I never understood the hype about Dumervil anyways.

I'd take Freeney, Osi, Doom, or Abraham - they're all pretty much in the same category/level for me. Dumervil is elite pass rusher but can't play every down. All 3 of those other guys can. Also, you got Knighton, Wolfe, Ayers, and Vickerson now. Whoever comes in for us is just going to be in the rotation anyways. Even though Freeney, Osi, and Abraham are up there in age I believe Ayers has to make a turn in his career the next 2 years or he's done. Any of those guys are really needed for one year only. If Ayers don't pan out, Wolfe becomes full time DE and we grab a DT in the draft next year (or heck we may even do it this year)

Just never understood the Dumervil hype very much I guess. I still can't decide which is worse - if the Broncos actually bring this guy back at a large price or if he ends up with the Steelers or Ravens in a 3-4 and haunts the Broncos (because thats the scheme he really should be playing in anyways).
Dumervil has always racked up big numbers against inferior teams. I don't know how much of his peers' numbers are the same kind of thing, so I'll just let that slide.

What I do know is that the Del Rio defense has given Dumervil a much reduced pass rushing repitoire (basically only speed rushing), and larger run stopping/edge setting responsibility. He's honestly a bit miscast in that role, we're wasting him some. A lesser player could do quite well there.

Dumervil is younger and more versatile with less question marks than anyone else available, and we have the money to re-sign him. If we think he's the best fit in that role, sign him. My only question is if you could actually improve the defense by having one of Umienyora, Freeney, or Abraham in there -- Abraham in particular might give you more as a speed rusher and run stopper than Dumervil.

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