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03-20-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Barrie22 View Post
i am on the opposite spectrum for all the firing stuff, i believe wilson needs to go long before mclellan.

mclellan in my opinion can be a good coach, he just needs the right team for his system (ala detroit of 2008/09).

mclellan already has a great top 6, there is not many teams in this league that has the top end talent that the sharks have. marleau, thornton, couture, and pavs. with 2 more decent (as they are right now) wingers for the top 6 in havlat and clowe.

its the bottom 6 that is a complete disaster right now and has been for the past 2 seasons, and that falls directly on wilsons hands.

wilson has done nothing to go out and create a bottom 6 that resembles anything of a line. he has gone out and got certain pieces of lines burish (grinding type line), gomez (scoring type line), handzus (checking type line). but not all of the pieces, wilson needs to decide and decide soon if he wants 3 scoring lines, or if he wants a checking line and a grinding line.
I would make the case that the good coaches design systems for their personnel. You can't just have one method of coaching and be stubborn about it. You need to recognize how your team would be most successful and put them into a system that does just that.

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