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Originally Posted by murdock1116 View Post
I would make the case that the good coaches design systems for their personnel. You can't just have one method of coaching and be stubborn about it. You need to recognize how your team would be most successful and put them into a system that does just that.
IMO, you have hit the nail on the head with TM.

In the past, he was intransigent about what worked on PK. Insisting for a whole season that it was getting better when it wasn't. Sticking to a system that was clearly not working. IMO, part of the issue this season is sticking to a system that is not functional for too long. I understand that coaches need to sell to their players and that admitting fault is not a good selling point. However, there is a point when the choice is admitting fault or going into the hole at the bottom of the porcelain bowl.

They haven't fixed their breakout strategy and are not truly addressing it. They are choosing the fallback of defensive hockey and being a defensive team. They don't even have the personnel to pull it off (eg a #1dman like Chara or Pronger, etc. and a Vezina caliber goalie). That isn't even talking about the forwards who have never been demons on takeaways as a group. The defensive hockey mantra is not unique to the Sharks, it is mantra chanted by many teams in the bottom half of the league and only a couple of teams in the top half who are truly prepared to play that defensive game. If you look at the league leaders (Chicago, Anaheim, Boston, Montreal and Pitt), they are offensive juggernauts outside of Boston. And Boston and Montreal both feature goalies that are clearly better than Nemo.

I long for the day when they cut the fluff and catering to fan and player egos. The powers that be in hockey would be better served by delivering honest assessments, especially for themselves.

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