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03-20-2013, 03:17 PM
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You have to love the genius behind this benching. Avs management knows they have a desperate coach, and an underachieving roster. So there is some 'albeit ********' merit behind benching Jones, and then McGinn gets thrown in with him.

But... What's going to give you the best chance of tanking? Continuing to ice our best players and giving them a chance to come out and turn this losing streak around. Or... Do you use excuses to bench players, and disrupt any chance of that happening.

Our defense sucks overall, but they continue to choose the lesser players to put in the lineup. But use the 'veteran' tag to justify it, and now 'Barrie has a minor hip injury' so they recall Elliott.

Sacco is a master tank driver, they have made sure we don't have a chance in hell at winning games without making it completely obvious what we are doing.

All while Sherman and PL sit back and snicker at Sacco's dumb ass, getting them their next franchise player, and taking all the blame.

Sacco fired
Draft Jones/Mack/Drouin
Roy hired
Sign a couple free-agents (1D, 1F IMO)


(I'm sorry but 'management' is tanking this season, it's just too obvious at this point when you look at the whole of what Sacco has done in managing the roster over the last two weeks specifically.)

Think about it? Sacco gets fired after this season, but still has another year of financial security even if hes fired. That's quite the consolation prize for getting one more shot, and then being on board with tanking the team if we aren't near the playoffs. Especially when he could of been fired last year...

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