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03-20-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Primakov! View Post
No, you misread me there. My intention was never to say that Martinez is an unestablished player because he clearly did that with his past performance in the regular season and subsequent Cup Run. However, I do mean it when I say that he is a bit off from last year's form to the point where he's been rather unremarkable -- probably due to injury, as I alluded to.

Right now you'd be hard pressed to differentiate whether it's Ellerby, Drewiske, or Martinez out on the ice. Whereas last year he made plays routinely -- closing the gap on attacking forwards by aggressively stepping up at the blueline and getting power play time on the second unit -- that made him more of a standout.

It's not a knock against him, but it's an observation that he doesn't seem to be fully back to what he's capable of because when you compare what he did to what he's doing right now there's a difference. Whether it's easing back from injury, not having Greene, or whatever the case may be he's playing down to the level of Ellerby and Drewiske.

I don't think that's an unfair assessment, but your opinion may differ.

If Mitchell or Greene comes back then yeah, it's a moot point and an unnecessary move as you pointed out, which I don't disagree with.

I wouldn't feel so bothered by the situation if there wasn't so much ambiguity going on in regards to their injury status and how it's being talked about from the General Manager down to the Head Coach in such a weirdly vague manner as they've been doing.

And while I appreciate that you hear through your resources that Mitchell might be coming back soon it's not set in stone and I subscribe to not counting my chickens until they're hatched and preparing for the worst case scenario in all instances.

I was just trying to be pragmatic when looking at the situation and considering what the team could/might/should do if we're operating with the assumption that the pair will be out for the entire year and not coming back.

I think we can both agree that A Mart has had his ups and downs this season somewhat and I would contend that they are due to injury and more so to the absence of WM and MG. That said I don't see how adding another lesser D would help the situation. I do think that when Greene comes back that it will give us a solid partner and help to shore things up a bit.

Having Doughty Muzzin Scuderi Voynov Ellerby Martinez and Greene gives us 7 solid NHL caliber guys right there and that should be enough. I would believe that Ellerby would be our 7 spot and that he might thrive under those circumstances though his game has come a very long way since we picked him up.

I want to be clear on something though, in regards to WM he is the person saying that he keeps making minor steps forward but I don't think anyone knows for certain what is going to happen. That doesn't mean he will make it back though. I remain cautiously optimistic but not convinced either.

Greene is doing really well and should be back within the next two weeks is what I hear. I would allow for a set back along the way so maybe 3weeks on the outside but back before the playoffs.

As we sit today we have 8d (without WM) once Greene gets back. In order to add anyone we have to either waive DavisD or deal one of our other D. I can't see us doing that for a rental so it would have to be for a WM replacement type who we expect to join us for a longer period of time.

If we were to do that then once Greene comes back we would have to put Ellerby and one other player on to our 8 spot riding the pressbox. If it is the guy we were to have just picked up then why bother doing so is my point. If it were to sit Muzzin then unless we picked up an established solid vet who can provide everything that Muzz does and more why bother?

That is all that I am saying really. Due to our current D I can't see us picking someone else up unless they are A, a Vet who can provide everything that Muzzin currently does and more as Muzz would likely be relegated to the bench along with Ellerby once Greene comes back B, we waive DavisD and or C, we trade one of our current D to get an upgrade as part of a bigger deal which I see as unlikely.

Assuming we were to add another more established D then how/who would you arrange our D assuming that Greene as has been reported is coming back in the near future?

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