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03-20-2013, 03:31 PM
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Family moved to Mtl when I was 4 from NY (1969). Habs were playing the Rangers in some game. I said "Go Rangers", my older brothers were like "We live in Montreal now, cheer for the Canadiens!" Made sense to me and haven't looked back though haven't lived in Mtl since 91. So yes, I did bandwagon jump - once.

Still have sort of a soft spot for the Rangers but only when not playing the Habs though my real #2 team (not even close to the Habs) is the Hawks and have been since I was a kid. Just reinforced now that I live in Chicago. What I don't get is people who change favorite teams - I know someone who grew up in Toronto but has moved around the US and just adopts the local team as his favorite. So now he's a Hawks fan after being a Stars fan when he lived in Dallas. That is the epitome of lame.

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