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03-20-2013, 03:50 PM
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Grew up in Montreal, and like a lot of people on here, was 9 (I'm certain that my age cohort is very well-represented on this board based on posts I've noticed) when we won the Cup in '93. My childhood was basically spoiled in terms of everyone having a Patrick Roy jersey, Habs Stanley Cup hat, jacket, mini stick, etc. Everything revolved around the Habs early on growing up since the Cup win bought us a lot of credit. It was only as I got older and as we went into the black hole that I realized what I had taken for granted. That and as you get older, you tend to understand things from a different perspective. So I went from a fan who reveled in the Habs' positive presence in society to a discerning adolescent (having lived through the impossible - Roy being traded) and then as you reach adulthood, it's funny, fandom takes on a whole different feel, particularly with this long drought.

Having moved to Ontario for undergrad and grad school (10 years), you are exposed to these freaks of nature (i.e. Leaf fans) and you understand that much more how great the Habs as an organization are historically and just in terms of the aura of excellence that is plainly lacking in the sad, pathetic masquerade that leaf fandom is. The Boston series (we've had so many of them starting in '02...the first ones with a better result) had a galvanizing effect on how much I care about this team and I think it's fair to say, we are all pretty obsessed, and that's ok. Best team to be a part of, because as Habs fans, it goes deeper than just sports, it's an identity.

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