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03-20-2013, 04:09 PM
Stand still laddy!
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Originally Posted by SackTastic View Post
Had to bump this for this gem :

Yes, Mike. Some of us drink beer. But guess what?


I rather enjoy working in a career field that will exist in 10 years. All we want is for you to DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT SUCKING AT IT.

You're unimportant. You're a nobody. After 26 YEARS at The Buffalo News, the best you can do is beat reporter in the same market? There are at least 5 bloggers I can name that report on this team accurately, fairly, and have more credibility than you.

Go back to baseball, and let Vogl write about the Sabres. You're embarrassing yourself.
I enjoy how he cherry picks part of one post from one poster and extrapolates that out to the message board community as a whole.

Keep it up Mike. Entertaining if nothing else.

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