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03-20-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by MattFratt View Post
This. I Honestly wish the Leafs did this with every prospect. I wanted them to do it with both Kadri and Schenn, and look how that turned out for Kadri, and how it almost screwed up Schenn.
Why should every prospect follow the same model? It doesn't make sense to me. Not every prospect is the same. Some need more, some need less. There is simply no reason to keep a player in the CHL if he can not learn anything from it.

Tyler Seguin is a perfect example. He simple had no more to learn. Keeping him the CHL wasn't going to help him. So the Bruins kept him up with the team.

Long story short, not every player should be kept on a deviating development model.

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