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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
On occasion? Possibly. But they get it right most of the time when defenders do it. Will be no different
No they don't. They rarely miss the blatant ones, but they excessively throw flags on what are very clean hits/plays. If a defender approaches the ball carrier, keeps his head up, and doesn't launch himself that should be a clean play. There are so many circumstantial hits where the ball carrier moves at the last second that draw these bogus penalties. I hate the helmet to helmet rule as it does little to address the real problem.

The reality is most players are getting hurt on launching plays or when the defender clearly leads with the crown of his helmet. If they would have outlawed unnecessary launching and leading with the crown years ago many of these injuries simply wouldn't have happened. Defenders simply run to the ball carrier, lower a shoulder, and launch themselves without making an attempt to tackle whatsoever. Very few injuries occur on a facemask led helmet-to-helmet hit. Yet they go and outlaw helmet to helmet hits while taking the official's ability to use common sense completely out of the equation.

The NFL rules committee is a complete and utter joke and nearly every rule implemented in the last 5 years has either failed or gone a long way to ruin ruining the on field product. For instance the "clear control through the end of the catch" rule is ********. So a receiver can catch a ball, fall to the ground, and have the impact dislodge the ball for an incomplete catch yet a runner can fall to the ground and not have the ground cause a fumble? Where is the consistency in that logic?

It's really not that hard (NFL).

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