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03-20-2013, 05:35 PM
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When thinking about players we need or should deal for it would be neat if we posted who we would send back in an offer to obtain the targeted player and or how we would fit them in to our line up.

Regehr is slow and has poor gap control. Would he be a solid add to the team? Sure I guess but what are you willing to give up that you think that the Sabres would accept in return? (RR as an example).

Iggy is the same thing to me. It would be great to add him to the team but we would have to get Calgary to take back Richardson plus a rostered player to really fit him in. It would also cost us a high pick plus a solid prospect in return.

I can't see us sending JB to Calgary unless it were part of a huge deal that saw Kipper coming back the other way as a backup but even then the entire thing becomes a difficult situation.

We have too many D as we sit when Greene comes back. If it is a situation where we can carry as many as we like then we are going to be asking NHL Dmen to sit out. Not a huge deal to ask Ellerby and Muzzin to sit from a personnel standpoint, they are both young and will do what they are told.

But if they are asked to sit that means that the player you are replacing them with had better be able to do everything that either of those two kids can plus add something that makes them worth the effort.

Who would you send back to the team we were dealing with to get the rentals that we would want to add becomes a key question imo. Realistically I don't see anyone of the rentals including Iggy that would be worth sending A Mart or Muzzin plus a 2nd plus likely something else for, the cost is too high.

If we went after another key member to the team who was going to be able to come in and stick with us for awhile then whatever DL decides is right with me (likely) but rentals are a tricky bus and I think that we are well enough set to where we don't need to add one.

Especially once we get Greene back.

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