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03-20-2013, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
I know I'll get flack for it but Patrick Marleau is the epitome of what the Kings want in a player. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

On d I think Robidas is the kind of vet they target.
I got ripped for bringing up Robidas a few days ago

But at this point ... seeing as how well our kids are doing at holding down the fort, and seeing as how there's a legit shot at getting at least Greene back before the end of the season, and maybe Mitchell for the playoffs, or at least back for next season. I've become more inclined to maybe just wait it out unless we can pick up a vet D man for cheap, and by cheap I mean "future considerations" / 7th Round Draft Pick type cheap ... and I get a feeling Lombardi may just be thinking this way more and more too. We've got all of 19 games left in the regular season, at the pace we're winning we're almost a lock for the #4 spot, if we cool off but at least play .500 hockey we're still in the playoffs. Heck we're only 10 points down from the Ducks it might be ... well ... maybe ... well ... ok maybe not ... well .

Point being, we're most likely in a good spot for getting into the playoffs, and have the potential of getting TWO top notch Stanley Cup Champion stay at home defensemen back into the line up during the playoffs, thus having 99% of our Cup winning team back on the ice for these playoffs. Why not give the kids our faith and let them TAKE what they've worked so hard for ... IMO they are taking/earning that.

I think with the lockout, shortened season and injuries to Greene and Mitchell it won't be looked at as that much of a Failure IF we don't repeat as champions (though yes it will be disappointing), certainly nothing Lombardi will have to worry about losing his job over, and thus it might be looked at as beneficial to have our younger D-men gain the experience and development. I don't think this is your typical sink or swim throwing the rookies to the wolves kind of approach under these circumstances, and they are handling the job rather well all things considered, so why not roll with it ?

I won't be upset if we get a solid vet D man, or get a forward like Iginla in the fold for a deep playoff push, it certainly won't hurt our chances at taking a shot at repeating as Cup Champs ... BUT I think I'm more and more inclined to take our chances on what we've got ... and I'm not willing to part with too much from our current team outside of the likes of Richardson, Drewiske, low draft picks and mediocre prospects ... and likely nothing like that will return us anything like an Iginla, Marleau, Smid or Regehr type of player. So I doubt we see much movement from Lombardi, he's shrewd enough to surprise me and want to take a shot at repeating as champs, but I think he's also cautiously optimistic enough with what we already have, not to sell out the future to get it either ?

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