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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
But there has been a shift in options today. This isn't to say Hockey isn't the sport Canadians can and will play the most because it is and probably always will be. Immigrants, even from non-hockey playing countries, can and do fall in love with the game once they get here and get a taste of the Canadian culture. But maybe in the 1950s there wasn't an option like soccer or football or baseball as much. Canadians have slowly started to get better at that. I know I would say for sure in my lifetime football and soccer are more popular in this country than ever before. It doesn't mean hockey isn't #1, it just means other sports are getting played more.

So yeah, I think per capita Canada produces less talent than they used to, which is still amazing since no country is within a country mile of us still
Valid points, but they do not address the 'immigrant's innate hockey blood' topic.
But adding to what you're saying, modern communication has also allowed immigrants the ability to immerse themselves in their own culture and hold on to existing norms and values more than they used to. 50-60 years ago immigrants would be fully immersed in Canadian/American culture usually within a generation or two. It doesn't work like that today. Likely why there is a spike in interest in non-traditional sports and a shift away from hockey.

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