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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
No one here is going to try and convince you that Howson was Sammy Pollock but you may want to take a glance at the history of the franchise.

He took over a team that had never made the playoffs. In fact prior to his time they had never reached the 75 point level. During his tenure they had 80, 92, 79. 81 and 65 point seasons. Nothing to write home about but not horrible.

Then all the Nash stuff hit the fan. So who knows how much of the 65 point season was a consequence of the turmoil that this caused, including the ill-fated attempt to appease Nash by bringing in Carter et al. What we do know is that Howson had ownership mixed up in the mess as well.

So basically what you have is a team that had typically been running at a low 80 point level take a dive, and without their former star, but with much better goaltending they have returned to the level they had been at recently by playing tough defensive hockey under a coach that Howson hired and with players that Howson brought to the team. If the goaltending holds up they may keep winning. If not they will probably start to lose again regardless of the new GM.

When you couple the depth they added in the Nash/Carter trades with the great goaltending they're getting from Bobrovsky right now, it's not a big surprise that they're winning. They filled needs through trades and are now getting a huge contribution from their goalie.

If Dubnyk were to stop allowing bad goals and our vets showed up regularly we'd probably be in a playoff spot.

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