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Groan. I guess that's me. Incisor and Vanuck gave pretty good answers already.

It's true I take special interest in McNally because he's at Harvard. On the other hand, I have taken no interest at all in the guy Bertuzzi mugged or his brother Dom, nor in the Unabomber, nor in Bill Gates. Zuckerberg was both in my Harvard house, and was born in the same tiny town as me, so it's an odd coincidence, but I'm not on his social media site nor have I seen the movie.

Being a grad of the same school does make it easier to connect, in a superficial way, and I would think having played on the same varsity team, albeit in different years, would make for a still better connection. Laganiere and our draftee Beattie are current teammates, for whatever that may be worth. But I think the stronger signing influences would be playing on a good team in Canada, having some fellow Quebecois on that team and in the prospect pool, and having a positive prior experience of the Canucks and the city . . . all of which apply in Laganiere's case. Oh, and feeling clearly needed by the team, with a visible path to the Show. I'm thinking that might apply more strongly to Lain than to Laganiere, but fair enough.

My university involvement was mainly academic, which is what my school does best, and which makes for something of a common bond between fellow honours graduates. An expectation of a curious mind. The jocks I knew, mainly hockey players, kind of had their own world although we all lived and ate together. For all I know, their bond may be much stronger than the one between guys like me who were only there for the weird and wonderful courses, and, of course, for the many glorious girls of Greater Boston
Thanks for the answer, 701.
That basically answered what I wanted to know.

Just curious, but do you think your education gives you a leg up on other people?
I always wonder about that.
I do know a guy from an Ivy League school, but he works at a place where everyone has a degree or 2 from an Ivy League School or 2.

Now, onto a more serious question, about your last statement...
Is that really true?
I always watch Red Sox playoff games because their fans are just so much prettier...
But then I watched Ted and he said that Boston women are, "on the whole, a paler, uglier sort than women from the elsewheres of life."
Now I am confused...

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