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03-20-2013, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
He hasn't even done bad? He's done horribly this season. And a lot of the "positive" ones are all still very debatable.

Not good enough to where I think he deserves a pass on his recent and spectacular failures. Yes, the team, on paper at least, is more talented and younger than it was when it Dunked It For Duchene, but yet here we are watching the Suck It For Seth. How much has changed? Not enough, IMO.

I still say a lot of the talent currently on this roster is the result of great scouting and a great draft guru, not necessarily a great GM. The only thing Sherman and Lacroix have done right in that regard is stay the hell out of Pracey's way.
Are you ever going to give Sherman credit for his GOOD moves or are you only going to sit there and blame him for the few bad ones? Any positive move this team has made Pracy gets the credit. But the second something goes wrong, DEATH TO SHERMAN! Ever stop to think the team is run by committee? Decisions are made AS A GROUP, NOT individually. Pracy is as much to blame for the bad moves as the good moves.

If Sacco isn't gone this summer, then I'll join the fire Sherman bandwaggon. Until then...he's done a fantastic job of setting this team up for future success.

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