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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
It's not quite as B&W. Datsyuk scored some monstrous clutch goals, such as the one against SJ in the losing effort. As for defense... let's just agree to disagree. Datsyuk is a better defensive player than Feds was, albeit not by much.
I think Dats is an excellent defensive player... but what separates them for me is that Fedorov was like a combination of Zetterberg and Datsyuk when it came to defense. He could play Datsyuk's preventative defensive game at an absolutely elite level, but he could also shift gears and become a man-on-man shadow like Zetterberg. And with his speed, he was able to make some defensive plays that few in the league could perform; such as being able to easily chase down a player on a breakaway. With the danger of using Youtube, here's an example:

Dats is also a better stickhandler.
I didn't claim he wasn't.

Again, it's not as clear cut. Datsyuk lead the team in hits on numerous occasions. Unlike Fedorov.
When was this exactly? Also... doesn't have hit stats for 2003-04... but based on hit stats from other years, it's entirely possible Fedorov DID lead the Ducks in hits. In 02-03, Ozolinsh and Vishnevski tied for the team lead with 61 hits; in 05-06, Fedorov had 43 in 67, which projects to just under 60 in a full season like the one Fedorov played in 03-04. He had a similar pace the next two years and then hit a little bit less in 08-09, after he had suffered through a couple years of constant injuries. Ozolinsh only played 36 games in 03-04, Vishnevski missed 9. But the more likely bet for the Ducks' hit leader in 03-04 is a rookie Chris Kunitz.

It still doesn't make Datsyuk lead the Wings in hits, and he wasn't that close in any recorded year I can see.

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