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03-20-2013, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I think the Oilers definitely played the tougher teams in the final. There wasn't one so-called mediocre team out of the 4. With the Isles you had Minnesota and Vancouver. Take that any way you'd like it. However, I will say that the Islanders of 1980 had what I believe to be the hardest path to the Cup out of anyone so it may just even out in that respect. I think the hardest path for the Oilers was 1988 and I'll consider the 1980 Islanders path harder.
And you know, I'd love to see the conversation go down that route instead of "hurr... consecutive is better... durrrrr..." Perhaps it would even out in the end, perhaps not. Either way it's a fundamental part of weighing these two dynasties, imo, since the number of championships isn't the deciding factor between the two, and there are numerous stars at their peak on either side; it's obviously part "how" they won them, as well. Lots of the second S in K.I.S.S. trying to claim that it is as simple as counting to 4 the fastest, though.

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