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03-20-2013, 06:51 PM
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Build it; use for advice on parts and installation (there are several other sites that are also good) and I highly recommend for the parts.

I built my own from scratch in 2010 having the absolute minimum computer / electronics awareness possible in about six hours on a Saturday. POST'd the first time too! My computer is still a beast now three years later; all I need to do now is swap my graphics card every two years or so and Ebay the old one (they still sell well).

It's also a good experience to have. It really helps with understanding computers and puts you in a much better position to A) diagnose problems in the future (typically through disconnecting various components to isolate the issue - it's always the RAM!), and B) fix said issues. I used to be terrified of opening my computer case for fear I'd break something; now it's really easy. New hard drive? Np. Video card? Even easier. Having to swap motherboards is the only thing that I'd really dread as you have to basically disassemble 60% of the components to get the board off, then remount the board which has like 15 tiny screws that fall in weird places, then reconnect all the components.

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