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03-20-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Hockey was NOT number 2 when only 4 American cities had teams...
i know IU.. i meant to say in those cities. like for example.. how could Bruins not have been #1 in boston in the early 70's with ESPO and bobby orr??? my god, bobby orr???? how great was he?? he was a legend. i know PATS were not as big back then as now.. so i bet maybe bruins in the early 70's with those 2 players and the 2 back to back cups had to be #1 in beantown, no??

what about CHI in the 60's with hull, mikita, etc.. i wonder if they were #1 or #2 in that city in that era? too bad there's no way we can ever find this out.

but if i can just find 1 thing out, it'd be.. are the pens more popular today with sid and malkin, OR the great days of Super Mario, Jagr, Stevens, Coffey, etc... and their back to back cups...that team was good and how fun was mario to watch??

i wonder which pens team got more viewers. the lemieux/jagr era, or the sid/malkin era?? i wish a website existed of every sport of every game that gave every local and national tv rating. i'd be on that site 23 hrs a day.

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