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Originally Posted by Timmer44 View Post
Mak, do you make any money from user views on your channel?
I don't think you have to be a partner or monetize your videos in order to receive a copyright strike. Copyright holders can always ask to have content removed from another user's channel even if it's for non-profit. If anyone recalls the "Life in Technicolor" controversy from the summer of 2010, the TimeLapseHD channel took down several videos using footage from its uploads. The owner then charged $4,000 in order for the "Life in Technicolor" uploader to keep his video online. Instead, the Life in Technicolor video creator had help from other YouTubers and found alternative timelapse footage; he also improved the video by adding a new introduction.

There will always be those who ask to have their content removed from YouTube. They have the right to do so, so it's tough to complain about it. It is their material, and while some would permit the usage of their material in creative projects, others won't. The key would be to always ask in advance for permission to use that footage before incorporating it into one's work.

In Mak's case, nothing can be done about the TSN uploads. He'll just simply have to stop posting videos from TSN, as they seems to be clamping down on videos uploaded by YouTube members. I would recommend keeping it safe by avoiding TSN altogether aside from game highlights. If TSN hasn't noticed yet, they may begin to notice now.

I see that this has been posted. Good decision, Mak:

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