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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
+1 on get the money in advance. Don't pay, don't play.

Personality >>>>>>>> Talent. Unless they are well under the skill level of the league, I will take a funny guy with a great attitude over a ringer who screams at his teammates and sulks.

Try and get some natural defensemen. It's hard because nobody likes playing D (it seems). But it helps.

Always get names and numbers of reliable backup goalies.
Great post!

To add to a couple points (and steal from a few others here)

1)Payment - Have everyone understand EXACTLY what they're paying for when you're convincing them to join the league. There are possibly fees not considered... like jerseys. If your league requires a home and away and matching socks, that's at least $60-70 extra per person. More if you want better jerseys, so find out what the team wants!

2)Personality... I'll add to this the point someone made about cold beer. Doesn't have to be beer, but have some tasty beverages for after the games in a compacting cooler, and then have someone else bring it home the following game. Keep the tradition going... it'll help build your team.

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