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03-20-2013, 08:03 PM
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Before I get started, I realize no one here...or well, majority of us aren't doctors here, but I think advice is always appreciated.

Two weeks ago I was in a game and within the first 3 minutes of the game I go down from twisting my ankle when coming together with another player. It hurt extremely badly, and I could barely put any pressure on it. A few minutes on the bench and it was feeling better. Went out for my next shift, it twisted weirdly again and had the same excruciating pain. Adrenaline pumping, ankle feeling better, tried to go out one more time. Another awkward twist and I was done for. I skated off in the second period and stayed off the rest of the game.

The pain went from the bottom part of my foot, all the way to my ankle. It never bruised or swelled up (I iced it after the game), and I never went to the doctor for it. Two weeks later, and it feels a lot better. The first few days I was walking with a limp, and an awkward twist caused me to be in a lot of pain again. I'm now able to walk on it with no pain, run up my stairs, etc.

I have a game tonight, so I decided to lace up my skates and see how it felt as I skated throughout my house a bit. I felt pain, but nothing bad, just a little nagging pain. I just did a little jog and felt a little pain as well, but not major.

Like I said, I didn't go to the doctor so I have no true diagnosis, but the pain has gone to the high part of my ankle, around my shin area. Teammates have said it could possibly be a high ankle sprain, but I'm not too sure considering I feel much better 2 weeks later, no swelling, no bruising.

Do you think I should give it another week or two based on what I've explained, or should I just wrap the thing and get on the ice? I've never really been injured before playing sports, and I've played A LOT of sports throughout my life (the worst being a fractured pinky). I'm itching to get back on, but am worried that one possible wrong twist puts me back to square one.

Like I said, advice is appreciated

I suppose this thread could be suitable for other injury talk as well.

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