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03-20-2013, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
On behalf of a majority of the public that are funding this arena and that didn't want public funding of this arena involved and a majority that won't end up making use of a facility with exorbitant ticket prices.

The city even at current count is fronting over .6Billion for this endeavor. At a time where the provincial govt is met with horrendous forecasts and downscaled revenue and where the local economy could be in some trouble by the time this arena is built.

Lets go back a bit. In the 90's people weren't willing to spend anything to go to an Oiler game and thousands of tickets were unsold.

So if that happens again how much of this arena is the public really left paying for?

Aside from that basic opposition at least a ticket surcharge is userpay which is at least acceptable provided people will pay it. If not guess where the money is coming from?
The fact that Alberta is losing money has nothing to do with cities wanting things that make them more akin to other cities like them in North America. What it has to do with is a total mismanagement of our natural resources. They let everything go off to private companies and get crappy royalties in return. Why do you think the oil companies aren't all over Saskatchewan right now? Because the government and the local tribes want a lot more of the pie then Alberta is getting.

Not to mention most of the government services are overmanged beyond belief. Too many advisors, assistant managers, assistant vice presidents of various things that have very little in the way of a workload for a fairly hefty sum of money.

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