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08-03-2006, 07:41 PM
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I am a hockeywhore like the rest of the swedes, started following the Rangers when Lundqvist started playing there, was really fun to follow his progress last season, I am a big goalie-fan and I have always seen something special in Lundqvist so it was hard not to really jump on the train.

I can credit myself for one thing though, I went through my clothes a time ago and found a rangers t-shirt from like 1995 or something like that, not so bad

(Hard really to find a "favorite" team since I have never been able to watch NHL, this year I found a site to download games which was big for me)

I forgot to mention that I follow the Sharks a bit too, I used to have them as my favorite team before because of hockeycards I guess but then when Jonathan Cheechoo played for HV71 last season, which is the team that I follow, I started looking him up before he arrived, talked to some sharks-fan on some board, I eventually ended up here. I check up on the others (Malhotra mainly, but I keep track of A. Eriksson, Brian Boucher and McCabe, even though he sucked big time for us) as well but during that season (which was horrible for HV71-fans, Cheechoo was what we hoped for as a savior with two goals I think in his debut). This season will prove interesting, one of my favorite players from HV71 is coming to Islanders... Ohh the enemy!

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