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Originally Posted by slip View Post
Does anyone doubt that future historians will look at the Persian Gulf War, the sanctions/bombings/no-fly zones and the invasion as one unique event? I'm sick of people trying to lump everything on Bush by refusing to look at the continuity of violence inflicted on the Iraqi's but no less than 4 consecutive American administrations. War is, has been, and always will be a bi-partisan affair in this country.
It's possible that you could look at the Persian Gulf War and the aftermath as one event. Like World War I and World War II is seen as both a continuous but also separate events.

Clinton (and many Democrats) did not want to escalate the war, nor did they. They threw a few missiles at Saddam, rattled their sabres a bit but for the most part, left the Iraqis simply to themselves, for better or worse. Bush/Cheney/Republicans escalated the conflict and destabilized the region even more so than before. Bush deserves a TON of criticism over his handling on the situation.

It's funny Johnson/Kennedy get a lot of criticism over our involvement in Vietnam and escalation of the war but Bush is defended for escalating the issue with Iraq?

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