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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Plan 9-let's see who gets the reference
... ya, you neednt wonder long TL.

Director? Ed Wood Jr.
Producer? Ed Wood Jr.
Screenplay? Ed Wood Jr.


Gary Bettman
Barry Shenkarow
Steven Gluckstern
Richard Burke
Jerry Colangelo
Steve Ellman
Jerry Moyes
Jim Balsillie
Richard Rodier
Redfield T. Baum
Jerry Reinsdorf
John Kaites
Ed "Big Gulp"Beasley
T.J. Hocking & the Hookers
Anthony Le Blankety Blank Blank
Matthew Hulsizer
Elaine Scruggs
Joyce Clarke
Craig Tindall
Horatio Skeete
Greg "Got a Dime?" Jamison
Jerry Weird
Gary Sherwood
Bill Daly

Cameo Appearances from Wayne Gretzky, Senator Johnny "Crash" McCain, Ilya Bryzgalov, Shane Doan....
Voice Overs & Commentary by a Cast of 1000's....

Unspeakable Horrors from Outer Space Paralysing the Living & Resurrecting The Dead

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