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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
Some look to 1994 as the demise of the expos. That was probably another nail in the coffin, but you could see the beginning of the end was when bronfman was trying to sell the team in the 80's, and it took him a very long time to find a buyer, and it was at a bargain price.

When expos had stable ownership, they were getting crowds of over 2 million, which is excellent.

The thing with baseball is that the stadium is half the experience. I live close enough to seattle that I understand the importance of a beautiful open air stadium, and what it can do. The big O was ghastly and uninviting, so you have already lost half the battle with a terrible stadium and the other half was defeated when the ownership was no longer stable. This carries a big burden that fans generally don't want to deal with.

If you can find some really deep pockets, which can provide the foundation for stable ownership and actually build a stadium that doesn't suck, the fans will respond. BTW, The Impact were 3rd in attendance last year, for those that think they don't draw well.

Baseball doesn't need every seat filled. You will be able to count on one hand how many teams sell out every game. If you can hit 20,000 on low nights and 35,000-40,000 on good nights, you're actually doing quite well, given that the business community invests(and this aspect is much more important than the attendance, to be honest). Hell, the blue jays have been far below this standard for many years now, but they have still been kicking.

Its worth a study, definitely... especially with the appreciation of the canadian dollar since they last moved.
This. +1 .

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