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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
Nobody was upset with Sherman in the offseason. Now two months into a crappy season, you guys want his head.
A hockey team doesn't win or lose games in the offseason.

Some people are likely judging Sherman based upon the results of his overall work, as opposed to individually assessing his each and every move. In general, I'd tend to agree with them.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
If PAP, Mitchell, Varly, McGinn, Downie, and EJ are "Sherman" players, why would you not want any more guys like that?
There's no question that Sherman seems to have more success with forwards than with defensemen.

Though I've always been a bit cautious with Downie and McGinn, because a lot of the euphoria over them amongst Avs fans was set due to their scoring at unprecedented levels (for them) when they first came over. Kind of like what Mitchell (and Palushaj, for that matter) is doing right now. Perhaps McGinn's benching tonight and overall production this season will teach us caution here. Good player, yes. But looking like 2nd/3rd line talent this season, as opposed to 1st line talent when he first got to Colorado.

Parenteau has admittedly surprised me. He's been just about the Avs most consistent player all season, IMO. And he's been pretty consistently good. Very creative hockey player.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
Can't everyone just relax? This will not be the D going into next year.
With respect, how do you know that? One could have easily assumed the same thing after last season, no? Last year's defense was pretty rotten also, and what did Sherman do? - He resigned three (two certainly mediocre) of the 6 guys he had to multi-year contracts, and signed a 4th who plays just like the worst of the ones he already had - also to a multi-year contract. He upgraded nothing. Yet people should relax and expect something different? In a year when only one of the scrub defensemen has an expiring contract, compared with three expiring after last offseason?

So what makes you so sure the defense will be so very different? With the Avs frugality over the past number of seasons (not to mention Stastny/O'R/Jones being highly overpaid), do you see buyouts coming? Are these scrubs signed to multi-year contracts really tradeable? Where are they going to go?

I have a sickening feeling that the Avs (minus O'Byrne) are kind of stuck with these guys next season, given the questions I just asked above. I really, really, reallyreallyreallyreally hope my sick feeling is wrong.

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