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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Anybody have any clue what McKenzie is talking about tonight tweeting about Grigorienko? He says 23 games is the cutoff for a player to have a year count toward free agency. But this year 6 and in most normal years 9 NHL games ticks toward your UFA status. But Grigorienko was just drafted. Buffalo gets his rights for 9 years instead of 7 (as long as he only plays 22 games or fewer in two of them)? That's a HUGELY underreported change in the CBA if true. It used to be 7 years from the first pro year or 27, whichever came first. So if a guy played right away, he was likely UFA by age 25. Now what McKenzie is saying is you can play past 9 (or this year 6) games and your ELC counts, but it doesn't count toward UFA. That's a huge change.
That has always been the rule; you become an UFA at 27 or you have 7 accrued seasons (40 games or more on the roster). Shortened season so that means it is down to 23 games this year.

We burned a year of Schwartz's ELC last year, but that doesn't count as an accrued season for him, so he wouldn't be UFA eligible in 2018.

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