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Originally Posted by 701 View Post
To answer your more serious question first: like hockey talent, great girls are where you find them. The Canucks didn't think a Slovenian was worth a first pick, so they became bridesmaids to the Stanley Cup.

Also, bear in mind that Greater Boston had around 30 institutions of higher learning in my day, and a majority of those students, like Harvard students, came from elsewhere. The charms of Boston do not necessarily lie in the Bostonians.

As for your other question, in the States, for example in Manhattan where I lived, the Harvard mystique was strong and sometimes embarrassing. I knew not to mention it---but it's no use, because in that East Coast academic society you get asked where you went to school all the time. It's kind of a golden handshake. So in a social or employment sense, yes, it makes a difference.

Then I abruptly moved to Yellowknife, and spent six years in a skid shack on the shores of Great Slave Lake. Neither I nor anyone else gave a rat's ass where I went to school. Being big and strong was much more useful. Playing protection-free, full-contact hockey on the lake while ripped on weed and Kahlua was my idea of heaven. Also I learned to respect and value the thousand things a Dog Rib Dene knew that I didn't. In the bar of the Strange Range Hotel my studies of Serbo-Croatian Heroic Poetry or The Surface Anatomy of the Adult Male Mountain Gorilla didn't cut any ice.

So a "leg up" on others? I learned not to think that way. None of my friends went to Harvard. My wife is a psychiatrist who went to U of T and is a remarkable athlete . . . so much for the leg up on her, so to speak
Those were courses?

Honestly, I would love to take the 1st one, even if it is just to impress people.

Thanks for the response, 701.
That Boston bit made a lot of sense.

Do you mind if I ask about your move to Yellowknife?
I am guessing it is for work purposes, but that must be quite a bit of a culture shock.

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