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Originally Posted by BoxerMax View Post
Nice list, but don't see a chance that Dawe will be on the team next year. Waste of an OA as a back up goalie. Any chance Gunner Rivers comes to camp next year?
Although Dawe came in and did the job when both goalies were down, I would have to agree that using an OA card on him would be a long shot.
My gut feeling is they would not keep Hergott yet either. There were a few games when Dawe could've been pulled (not due to his own fault but just alot of goals going in without any help from the team) but it was clear JB was not at all confident to put in Hergott. If there was any indication of keeping him I would think those would have been a few opportunities to get him a bit of experience.
Not sure if anyone has been keeping tabs on Marc Audet but he may be someone to consider as he has at least played Jr this year I believe and gotten a bit of experience playing against older players.
Rumour had it at last training camp Gunner Rivers didn't report because he wanted to go the NCAA route so I guess we will see if he changes his mind and shows up this year. He has played a couple years now of Tier II so he would come in with some experience as well.

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