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03-20-2013, 11:20 PM
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My story is very atypical. I am Asian-American, and grew up in Maryland. So, I was a Capitals fan from the start. Everything pointed to me being a Caps fan for life. I would listen to Sportalk 980 and Steve Kolbe in middle school and follow the Caps team that had Bondra, Oates, Johansson, Gonchar, etc. I was not around for that Cup run, so I never saw Dale Hunter play. My earliest recollections was watching games when Juneau was still a Cap. Then, I just didn't bother anymore maybe in 2003. Whatever the case, I didn't know about the "blowup" and drafting of Ovechkin. I wouldn't follow hockey at all of 5-6 years.

So, when I got back into hockey, it was for the second half of the Caps President's Trophy run. Would catch every stream, at the expense of sleep and my grades. Then to infamous playoff series happened, and they day after was one of great fury. Of course, I supported the Habs against Pittsburgh because every Caps fan really hates Pittsburgh, then I didn't bother following.

The game that sealed my desertion and betrayal of the Crapitals was the game against Pittsburgh the next season. I was watching a Caps stream, but maybe they were "soff" or losing and I switched over
to the Habs stream against Pittsburgh. They came back and won!!! That sealed the deal. I'm jumping ship and going to the Habs. I had to suffer the soff Jacques Martin, but now, I think I'm in a good place.
Ironically, I don't hate Pittsburgh anymore. Or at least, they're just another team. I now absolutely had the Capitals, and trolled their fans on Yahoo! boards. My only infractions on here were from me trolling Caps fans, but I've chilled out now.

Also, being the brainiac I am, I realize that this transformation from Caps fan to Habs fan is a personal anedocte of "self-expansion" and its opposite.

Sam Pollock played a big role, as a Washington fan, I've had to suffer through mediocre teams fielded by crappy management(Redskins 2008 and forward, but the Redskins never could field a team that could win it all for an entire decade). Reading about Pollock's trade that eventually nabbed him Lafleur was simply great, along with other principles he follow, such as don't always mortgage away the future, a critical rule to follow if you want to have any hope of contending for a championship.

And I must give a little love to Lapierre. He's got an awesome last name.

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