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03-20-2013, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
I was thinking maybe Sakic is the wrong guy for being an adviser for the Avs and here is why.....

Joe is one of the greatest players of all time yes. He is probably one of if not the nicest guy the NHL has ever had, and i'm sure he has a great eye for talent and all.

But the problem with Sakic and his position with the organization is that he is too nice of a guy, too humble and i don't see Joe being a strict and a type of a guy that puts his foot down.

Joe being the humble and the nice guy that he is, i see something like this....

Sherman asks Joe if he thinks they should sign Zanon, and Joe being such a nice guy says, yes sure, Zanon is a good player and will be a good guy in the locker room.

I just don't see Sakic being mean and speaking his mind like saying, hell no, this team doesn't need Zanon, we need better d-men or something along those lines.

This organization needs some strict, straight forward type, and yes, little bit mean personnel to run things so they can turn things around.

Anyone agrees on this?
Possibly, he may not be much of a strong no guy, but if Sakic had anything to do with some of the other guys being brought in like PAP, and Mitchell, or maybe in a different vein with Downie, and McGinn then he's got an eye for what works.

I do know that GM's take into consideration a lot who their coaches think will be good players to fit into their system, and Sacco made some comments about how he really liked how Zanon played a strong but simple game and blocked a lot of shots when they played against him.

I always got the feeling Sacco pushed for him, but who knows.

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