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Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
Like Tennis or Golf?
Tennis dose not lend itself to home court advantage as much IMO, unless we are talking Davis cup, but that is a team sport (reminds me of when NZ had to go play in Pakistan). I only follow the majors, like most people and I do not think that home court can really be applied their, as far as the big 4 go. some my go further then they would have because they are from the host country though, no data to back that up.

Golf I would say you could skew some data to show home advantage but I do not follow it... but since the course plays huge a part I would say there is an advantage.

I was thinking more the traditional Olympic sports.

Edit: Wait if you were meaning this bit
( is there a word for that ???)
then I was asking if there was a term that means solo sport?

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