Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 4-3 in SO
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03-21-2013, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by MettleOiler View Post
The team sags because of the goals the Dubnyk let in. Your telling me that goalies can't alter the momentum of a team with a game changing save?
You remember Cujos Save in 97 that led to the Marchant goal to win game 7 OT in Dallas? The team fought to win games for Cujo, they had confidence in him.
This team lost confidence in their Goalie, no matter how consistent he is. He lets in one soft/bad goal, and you can visible see the team collectively let out a exasperated sigh.
Yes, its up to the team no matter what to keep on pressuring and fighting to win and yes we saw how they let up in the third but I believe very strongly that its linked to Dubnyk and those goals he let in. ]
I agree hes consistent but he's also consistent in letting soft/bad goals.
Everyone on this forums if they say it or not, knows that Dubnyk will let in one bad goal that will kill any momentum in almost every game.
Of all the players I want out, its Dubnyk. You can check all my posts, and this is the first game I am vehemently state my displeasure of this man.
and what makes you think the goalie we replace with him will be an improvement?
Name me one goalie who would be available and be an upgrade?
Halak? and his 0.86 save %? Bernier? Vokoun? Bishop? We still wouldve lost tonight if we had Neimi and SJ had Dubnyk...
I dont think the team sags because they dont have faith in Dubnyk,, I think Dubnyk sags because he has no faith in his team..
Our D leaves him to dry on many occasions every game.. Not saying he had a great games but he hardly was the reason for this loss.

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