Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 4-3 in SO
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03-21-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Insta View Post
You think the 3rd period meltdowns are cause of dubnyk? The oilers dominate the other team all third period and then the other team gets a soft chance and scores on him? No, the oilers get their **** pushed in way too often for a big chunk of third periods and everyone knows what is about to happen. This is a team problem not a dubnyk problem. This isnt 2006 where the oilers are constantly outplaying the opposition but cant get a stop. They are being shelled way too often and this leads to the inevitable goal against.
Dubnyk is a part of the problem, not THE problem but a part of it. As he goes, the team goes.
I have seen all too often when the team is playing well then he lets in a questionable goal and all of a sudden the momentum changes on a dime.
A goalie is kind of like a QB in football. Generally, as he goes so does the team. If he lets in a questionable goal, it's natural that the team loses confidence in him and starts gripping their sticks tight. It has happened all too often with him.
AGAIN, the 3rd period meltdowns are a team problem but he's a part of that problem also. They are a bunch of mental midgets who get easily frazzled.

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