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03-21-2013, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
I don't see a basis to your argument here. The team sags because of the goalie? That's a huge load of **** - the team sags because your team is inexperienced, not talented enough, and being mishandled by coaching.

>15 shots against in the 3rd period on a nightly basis is why this team blows leads.
Originally Posted by Petro Points View Post
and what makes you think the goalie we replace with him will be an improvement?
Name me one goalie who would be available and be an upgrade?
Halak? and his 0.86 save %? Bernier? Vokoun? Bishop? We still wouldve lost tonight if we had Neimi and SJ had Dubnyk...
I dont think the team sags because they dont have faith in Dubnyk,, I think Dubnyk sags because he has no faith in his team..
Our D leaves him to dry on many occasions every game.. Not saying he had a great games but he hardly was the reason for this loss.
My basis is that the players are not robots and actually feel momentum shifting.
Why do people want Kreugar out?
Why do we have enforcers/pugilists?
Your telling me the talk that Horcoff had with the team when he came back did not boost the mental fortitude for the team did get them out of thier funk didn't matter?
This is huge physical and MENTAL game.
These guys are battling out there and your telling me the one guy that suppose to bail them out can't do it, they have to keep a high morale to keep working their a**ses off?
You bet you a** the team will crumble because of those weak links...oh.. but don't get me wrong, people already mentioned other weak links on this team. I just stating...obviously...that Dubnyk is definitely one.

And yes, I would have any of those other goalies than Dubnyk, Petro! I believe in all honestly, those other goalies are an upgrade.
But I guess we will never find out this season or the next.

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