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03-21-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
The problem with re-signing or trading antropov and hainsey is both situations are up to them. They both have nmcs and may not want to be traded due to our hot streak. That being said they may not re-sign either.
Nope. According to capgeek Hainsey has a 15 team list to submit and Antropov has a modified NTC. I don't know, but I don't believe either will be a problem (both might not even be active right now).

Asset management is the most overused term on this site. Sigh, we all know that we don't want to let players leave for nothing when they have value. However you need to weigh that against the VALUE of making playoffs, and I am not talking the money lining TNSE pockets. There is huge value to be made in making playoffs for a young team, even if they lose first round. You need to learn how to play in playoffs.

You don't magically go from bottom end team to Stanley Cup contender. You can't just trade assets away at deadline every year then magically become a contender the next year and buy assets and win a Stanley Cup. Doesn't work like that yet. Yes the Jets are likely not a Stanley Cup contending team this year, even if they make playoffs. But that experience will teach them how to win in future years, when we have more talent. That experience is MILES more valuable for a team that NEEDS to start coming out of their rebuild than a draft pick or two that may or more likely may not be ready to start having an impact in 4/5 years when Jets. Jets need that experience right now more than anything.

Not too mention the message it sends your team by sending your veterans away. It's ok to lose, we know you still suck despite your record. That's the message you are sending everyone in that room. Really the message you want to send to your team?

Jets should hold to what they have this year. Get to playoffs and get some experience. That's the most important thing for growing this team as an eventual SC Contender, real experience, rather than some depth picks.

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