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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
The reason I didn't mention Filppula is that he's rather one-dimensional (even more than Lehterä) and in addition to that he's small and pretty slow. He's contending with guys like Lehterä and Ramstedt and I don't see him winning that contest unless he's a total playoff monster and those two fail miserably.
Yeah, like I said, he's a fringe pick. I can totally see Jalonen gathering together the top-three centres without really having to enter him in the mix.

Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Lajunen was okay in the last tournament, but I see Jalonen going for someone more familiar. Wouldn't mind being wrong here, though. Eronen would surely be an interesting choice.

Melart was great until recently, but he's been pretty bad for some time now. If Järvinen is available, I'd probably take him over Melart, but we won't know about that until next month.
Funny, because Jalonen has clearly taken steps in the last years from expanding his comfort zone. Like I said, he brought in Jani Lajunen and Joonas Järvinen on the very grounds of having a single good EHT. And he did snub some familiars last year, like Pasi Puistola and Peltonen - even though they weren't completely abysmal, just so-so.

Besides, Lajunen is exactly the kind of fellow the depth pool needs. OD, right-handed shot, and unlike Hietanen and Vatanen (who is still the top dog for this slot, obviously) he has decent size. I'm not calling him a lock by any means, but I don't really see how Jalonen could overlook that. He'll make it to the camp no doubt, and will be in contention to the end.

For DD, couple more names who may have a chance of breaking it through the camp are Jalasvaara and Laakso. Again, not locks, but might make it by outplaying Melart, for example.

Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
A hockey writer for one of the tabloids said on Twitter some time ago that one of the victims of the recent scandal is mad at Liitto, doesn't trust Jalonen anymore and is currently not interested in playing for the NT. No name was mentioned, but I drew my own conclusions based on that. Of course it may not be him and even if it is, he could always change his mind and I hope he does.

I don't know about Metsola. I guess he could fight for the 3rd goalie spot, but I don't know how high Jalonen would rank him.
I take it you're referring to the Weedgate. Funny, I think Jalonen did nothing to demonize those two - if nothing, he tried to play it down. It was Da Chief who went all apedung over it.

But eh, I guess being mad at Liitto and the hippo is reason enough not to want anything to do with the NT.

Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Can they send Hartikainen down again if the Oilers don't make the playoffs? If not, I wouldn't mind seeing him, but is he someone Jalonen would give a spot with no training camp? Because there are only a handful of NHL players I see Jalonen really wanting on the team badly enough to take them in without a tryout and they're all top 6 players aside from Komarov.

Leino would be interesting to see and him showing up here this year would improve his Olympic chances. If Jalonen was to choose the Sochi team, I don't think Leino would stand a chance, but with Westerlund he might.
Technically Härski's AHL assignment is possible, but since he's been up with the big club all season, there tends to be a habitual mindset around the league that such a player is a full NHLer now, and isn't supposed to be farm bound unless it's a conditional stint or something. Remains to be seen whether Edmonton follows that principle or not. Of course, Barons are currently no lock for the playoffs anyhow. We'll have to see.

I can see Jalonen not wanting to dedicate a direct slot to Leino last year because he was seriously struggling, but he has come back pretty strong now that he's sorted his injury, so he could be considered an asset from the get-go.

As a more general statement, we have a ton of slots open at the moment considering the Sochi team. We need a scoring winger or two, similarly one or maybe even two centres for the top-nine, we have only two, maybe three D-men who could be considered locks, maybe a couple more if they wish to show up... so this tournament will be huge in clearing that air. Somebody does good here, and he could just instantly skyrocket from a complete outsider to serious contender. So it'll be damn interesting to watch.

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